6 Top Notch Ways to Make Money Online from Home

The internet has became so popular and wide that teenagers have their (PC) personal computer connected to the internet even grand mom’s are online 24hours surfing the internet,so staying online

Make Money Online from Home

Chatting would make online boring while you have the chances and opportunity to build up your brand and business online and start earning good income from online,if not for personal use you can use the income to pay for the internet connection or some bills.

Lots and lots of people are making good income online some are part time while some are full time earners online in this article you will get list or ways i know on how to make money online. 


Blogging is fun is one of the most trusted way to make money online there are several bloggers i know who earn a living from blogging,blogging is like making friends helping people from all over the world solving problems i would say blogging is like an adventure,if you are a good writer or newscaster or even anyone can blog you blog about things you know e.g maybe you are a doctor you can share tips on health,with hard work and focus you can make blogging you full time income.


Expired domain names is one of the biggest online business ever,i would not go deep into this now but i promise to give you more details next time brief explanation:- expired domain is a website that was formerly registered before by an individual or a company and the domain get to his expiring date and it failed to be renewed by the owner example supposed Facebook.com got expired and someone else register it that is called drop catching of expired domain some fail register their domain because they are tired of it or they moved into another business anytime a good domain is going to expire domineers will get ready to catch it you can sell a good domain for 2 to 3 million depends on the domain keywords and name stick to this blog for the full tips on expired domain stick to bloggingfoundation.com there are lots of ways to  make money from expired domain either by buying and selling or packing and developing


Survey is like a company asking you for your own opinion about their product in order to know if they should make that product more or little survey is one of the best and quick way of making money online, the most interesting part of survey is that both children adult and even grand moms can make money from survey.


Paid to read email is another way to make money online lets say for example an email will be sent to your email all you have to do is to read the email and confirm that you have read the email you will be paid that it get more on paid to read email


This is another great way to make money online it works like this you will be paid when you click on advertisers ads, paid to click is an easy and quick way to earn some money to pay some bills 

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What is Blogging & How To Jump Start with Blogging?

Blogging can be defined as a way of posting and writing content on the web for others to learn and educate themselves and moreover blogging allows people to make friends with new people and build their authority on the web.

what is blogging how to start a blog

Blogging of a thing has become wide that millions and billions of people are making money all over the world by blogging, some are part time bloggers while some are even full time earners from blogging the days has gone when people blog for just  fun now people are blogging for both fun and money, some individuals are currently making money from blogging in turn they try and even make blogging their full time income which is also called self employment.

If you are a good writer  you can write on some things that could help people all over the world to solve their problems.

In this article i will be going deep towards the foundation of blogging like i said earlier laying a good foundation of a house it means building a strong house that is how it is with blogging keyword research is the foundation of blogging success.

In this article i will teach you on how you can make your blog rank on top ten page on how to make money with it before you thing of blogging you have to thing about a particular topic to write on, before picking a niche or keyword you have make a deep keyword research, keyword research is the foundation of blogging picking a good niche and keyword will be a good start to your blogging success

How to start a blog?

how to start a blog

PICKING A TOPIC:- like i said picking a keyword is the foundation of blogging success when picking a niche you should pick the niche carefully because picking a wrong niche means the downfall of your blog or business a niche that is profitable in Ghana or London might not be profitable in Nigeria or united states

WHAT IS A NICHE:- niche is a topic on what you are going to be writing about is your niche or keyword, niche simply means yours specialization what your blog specialize on example: i write about making money online my target is for those searching for help on making money online what to consider when choosing a niche

CHOOSE WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT:- choose a topic that you know more or little about in order not to get tired choose a topic you love writing about think well and check if you topic is what you are passionate with and if you love writing about it in order not to waste your time and money

NICHE RESEARCH:- choosing what you are good at does not mean you will just go ahead and start writing first you need to do a deep keyword research to know if your niche is profitable and if advertisers are willing to pay or advertise and check the (cpc) of that niche (cpc) means cost per click

GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL:- is one of the best keyword tools online for checking keyword the tool will let you know if your niche is profitable and how much you get click.

If lots of people are searching for your niche it means that niche is profitable, don’t pick a niche keyword because of its popularity use google traffic estimator to check how much you can get per click check out if there is product to market on that niche

PRODUCTS:- Are there product to sell on these niche in case you choose to use product sale as a source of monetization use tools like world tracker, spyfu and more to understand and get more information on picking a good niche. A good profitable niche is a good foundation layered.

COMPETITORS :- this is one of the important thing to know because having a profitable niche with lot of professional using that niche then you can’t take a piece of it,when choosing a keyword niche check the level of competitors.

I will advice you to go for low or medium competition because going for high competitors will be suicide for a beginner, because high competitors has years of experience while you are a novice mind you high one’s are the most profitable what if it is profitable and you can’t even get a chance to make a dime, medium or low competitors with high searches monthly and globally with that you can grab a part of the profit and be at the top of your keyword subscribe to my post here

6 Things To Check Before Publishing A Guest post

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. This is my first blog post here. Hope you enjoy.

Guest post is a great way to increase a blog’s authority and it’s also a great way to change the writing style on a blog must newbies are eager to gain exposure on popular blogs but their writing skills are very poor, learn how to improve your writing skills.

Guest Posting Criteria

Gone are the days when bloggers and website owners do things legitimately without black hat or white hat tricks, now bloggers and website owners are too lazy and all they do is to copy and re-write an article with article re-writing software and this is very bad for a blog’s ranking SEO.

Guest post has it’s advantages and disadvantages so it can De-value or add value to your blog.

Few criteria to be met before you publish a guest post on your blog –

Make the guest post  URL seo friendly

This is something you shouldn’t ignore as a blogger that need’s traffic to his or her blog , most bloggers do publish articles with Url like this  http://hirendhara.in/p=700 this kind of link is very bad for seo because search engines can’t read the above  link most especially the part that said p=700 so make the url of your blog post Seo friendly e.g http://hirendhara.in/guest-posting-criteria/, with these search engines and readers can easily tell what the blog post is all about.

Proof read before publishing

I believe in the saying that said no one is above mistakes that’s why you should read a post submitted by a guest author properly before publishing because there might be some grammatical errors or misspellings  in the article so proof reading a guest post will help you increase your authority in the sight of your blog readers and you will be seen as an expert in you niche.

Check the article originality

There is one thing search engines hate the most and that thing is duplicate content, so checking  each guest post before publishing will help your blog stay away from being penalized by google because they hate copy written and duplicated content. if you want to check a guest post plagiarism you may try PlagTracker.

Link back to an article related the post you are writing

Interlinking is a great way to expose both your new and old articles to your blog audience, so i can simply say interlinking help readers in finding articles on your blog related to the once they are reading which in turn increase users engagement on a blog

 Add relevant image to the post

Image is a great way to make a blog post attractive and catchy so when crafting an article it is recommended that you add an image that is relevant and related to article you are crafting.

Check the links in the guest post submitted

This is one of the most important factor to consider when accepting guest post on your blog because most guest post include links to affiliate products, sponsor pages, sale page , promotion pages and invalid urls etc. that’s why you should cross check each included link on a guest post for quality and your blog’s safety.

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